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Saturday, April 27th is this year’s Rebuilding Day with around 25 projects scheduled for homeowners in need in Howard County. Our House Captains are visiting project sites, rallying volunteers and ordering materials in preparation for Rebuilding Day.
This year we wanted to provide a way for everyone to get involved in Rebuilding Day, even if you are not volunteering on a sponsor team. We are introducing a Rebuilding Day fundraiser where you can share the story of Rebuilding Together Howard County with your network and be a [Re] Builder.

What is [Re]Build?

[Re]pairing Homes of families, seniors, people with disabilities and victims of disasters. We are dedicated.

[Re]vitalizing Communities where we live, work and learn. We are devoted.

[Re]building Lives through raising awareness of the housing problems facing 1.65 million of our neighbors in need across the country. We are determined.

We are asking everyone who believes our neighbors deserve to live in safe and healthy communities to pledge to be a [Re]Builder! Are you in?

How to become a [Re]Builder

Repair, revitalize and rebuild. With your help we can strengthen our communities and ensure everyone has a safe place to live. We have created a digital house to help individuals learn more about our organization, visualize the work we do in the community and get involved as a [Re] Builder. You can become a [Re] Builder in a number of ways…

1. Donate to Rebuilding Together Howard County and help us reach our goal of $2,500 in preparation for Rebuilding Day!

2. Share the link to our Digital House with your network to encourage donations. Donors see examples of common repairs we provide that enable homeowners to live in a safe and healthy home.

        Below are some sample posts and images…

3. Create your own fundraising page with a personal touch

    • Visit
    • Click JOIN OUR TEAM
    • Create an account
    • You now have your own personal fundraising page. Copy the link and share it with your network